Get warm introductions.

Scan your network to find best path to any company.

New way to reach businesses

How it works

Visit Company Website

Go to any company’s Website or Crunchbase or Linkedin profile and click on the Flinkhub extension.

Find who can help introduce you

Flinkhub identifies who in your contacts have strong connections to the company and can help you get introduced.

Get introductions easily

Ask the right contact to help you with an introduction to the company.

Build the relationship on Trust

A warm introduction gives you credibility and establishes trust.

What people are saying about Flinkhub

Our BDRs use Flinkhub to find companies that fit our customer profile. The best part is that it accurately shows who in our network can help with warm introductions to these prospects.
Raman Shrivastava, Marax AI

Raman Shrivastava

Marax AI

As a Google sales partner, I used to spend a lot of time finding the right companies to target. Flinkhub provides me prioritized prospects in my network for which I have higher chances of winning.
Nishant Singh, Searce

Nishant Singh


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